Have you developed China strategy yet?  The increase of GDP is at all-time high as China acts as a key center for global business activity. This hot spot with 1.3 billion population market attracts Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses.  The competition makes many companies either seeks bigger market, lower cost suppliers or outsourcing manufacture. Companies will not survive in the competition without a China strategy.  


Have you developed ethnic Chinese strategy yet? Canada is a big country with small population According to the 2006 Census there are over 1 million Chinese in Canada and 488,245 live in Ontario and 419,755 live in Toronto. Census 2006 reaffirmed that Chinese is Canada’s third most common mother tongue group behind English and French. Companies will lose a lot of market share without a local ethnic Chinese strategy.    Canadian companies need think locally and globally. Bestel is geared to assisting small and medium size companies that plan to develop Chinese marketing from scratch. Based in Toronto and have comprehensive networking in China, Bestel helps companies especially from Canada develop both mainland China and local ethnic Chinese market.